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MCI-Dallas-Miami-Lima-Cuzco.... Phew!

We made it!


5/19 Cuzco, Peru

We arrived safely in Lima around 6:10am local time, and slept in the terminal, waiting for our departure to Cuzco. Our first class treatment spoiled us on the 3 legs of our flight with ample drinks and steak dinners. We checked into our hostel in Cuzco and were soon thereafter served two steaming cups of coca tea, to help us acclimate to our new digs at 1.300 feet above the sea level. We took hot showers and walked to the Plaza de Armas, main square, for a lunch of ají de gallina (very typical chicken chili dish) and a pizza. Shannon was fascinated by the architecture. She took many pics including some with ladies in traditional dress, both of us got to hold a 2 week old llama. We enjoyed the sun and people watching on a park bench until a street artist, Ruben, started guilt-tripping us for not buying his art. Then, we headed back for a 2-hour nap. It was hard to get up again, but we managed to do so just in time to catch the sunset, check out the famed puzzle-piece, mortar-less 12-angled Incan stone, not to be confused with the “INCApable” stone, the Spaniards attempt to replicate Incan architecture. Yummy dinner on a balcony overlooking the Plaza, a stroll through San Blas the art district, and we purchased an oil painting by Vicenete, many of whose family members have been spiritual healers in the past. The painting depicts an annual pilgrimage that pays homage to nature in the sacred valley of the Incas. Now it’s time for bed, as we have an early morning getting us closer and poised to ascend Machu Picchu the following day.

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So Far So Good!

Leigh and I have made it to Miami and are filled with anticipation to arrive in Peru! It's 11pm here and we should arrive tomorrow around 5:45am! So worth it! Plus our trip has started out with some amazing Karma! Our frequent flier miles earned us first class seats!!!! I have never flown first class! That was a blast! And because of that we are now enjoying the perks of the Admirals Club while we wait for our departure! WOW!! It doesn't get much better! We love you all!

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Machu Picchu

5/21 Machu Picchu

WOW, that’s what I have to say about today… Wow! We woke up early, dashed out to catch our Machu Picchu bus in time to witness part of the sunrise over the ruins, and it did not disappoint! Besides the sunrise, we were also treated with mystical mist drifting throughout the mountains and ruins. What a treat! Of course, we took a million pictures! We could not have dreamt up better weather or conditions! Attempting to describe Machu Picchu does it no justice; hopefully the few pictures that we have uploaded (off to the right side of the website) will give an accurate depiction.

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